How to Know My Bra Size

Many women are unaware of their true bra size and wear inappropriate underwear. Yet, it is essential to choose her bra to feel good in his shoes! Here are some tips to know your exact size and choose the BRA you need.

First of all, please have a Ribbon-meter. Your bra size is defined by two elements: width under breast and cup size. To determine these two items, just to take two steps: your width under breast (1) and your turn to chest (2)! Come on, we’re standing right, we pass the Ribbon under the armpits and we check that it is at the same height before and behind.

-the width under the chest: measure just under the chest in a way neither too loose nor too tight. Round up to nearest and refer to the following table of sizes for your size under bust.

-Cup size: now measure your chest; best sports bras for yoga should be taken on the broadest part of the chest, way loose enough to not compress the breasts. The cup size is actually the difference between chest and under previously measured chest width that will determine your depth of bonnet. A little math, so!Calculate the difference between your turn of chest and your chest width and refer to the table for your Cap!

How to Know My Bra Size

Do not hesitate to take measurements regularly! We are too many to wear the same size of bra for years, while it is quite normal that your breast size is changing. A few centimeters can make a difference!

To know your accurate measurements, we have developed a little quick and simple test that you can find in our size guide on our site.

Several sizes can match me?

You may have noticed, our tables of measures necessary to round to find the corresponding Cup size. It is quite normal that many of us are on the borderline between two sizes. Adjustment of the BRA can vary depending on the model, this is why you should not hesitate to try several sizes.

There are indeed “diagonal” sizes, i.e. sizes that correspond to the same turn of chest. What is called the ‘diagonal’ size, it is the size directly below or above under chest width. Let us explain: If you vary the width under breast, Cup size can also change because it is measured from the difference between the two measures.

For example, if the model looks too tight under the breast, try without hesitation the size under upper chest, with a smaller Cup size. (For example, if you make the 85B and the model is too tight, the corresponding size will be a 90a).

Conversely, if the model you are trying is not enough under the breast (Attention, just normally staple your bra to the second or third notch!), try a smaller width, with a bigger Cap (go from 85A to 80B for example).

Finally, because there are an infinite number of shapes of breasts and some models may suit you better than others, you will find in our guide forms a quick test custom allowing you to know the BRA forms best suited to your chest.