How to Lighten Jeans


Cme do to lighten the color of the jeans? No doubt is the key method to give new look and new dignity to that old pair of jeans that has a little stew. You’ll have to resort to tools that can be found in hardware stores, like the pumice and sand paper or all timeless and economic bleach.

How to Lighten Jeans


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Jeans lighten, bleach or abrasive object (pumice stone or fine sand paper)

Prepare jeans, deciding where and how to lighten them, in this case it is important to choose the method to use: to lighten evenly be preferable to the bleach, while if you want to focus only fill in some places, they are better pumice and sand paper. To obtain a homogeneous color then it is good practice to stretch them, to avoid creases that may clear in different tones.

If you have opted for the bleach prepared a bowl (it’s great to hold the jeans without bending too much), fill it with hot water and add half a cup of bleach. A larger amount speed up be the process, but would increase the risk of lighten excessively. Remember to also fill a second tray of cold water, without bleach. If you have chosen to lighten with pumice stone or sandpaper, instead prepared a dish shelf, type a table covered with old sheets of newspaper, on which you can work smoothly.

Bleach is? Well, then immerse the jeans into the bowl with hot water and bleach. Attention: just a few minutes, so keep everything under control. If you have opted for pumice or sandpaper, started to rub in moderation at the points where you want a lighter color, always checking the resulting color. It is an abrasive method is, therefore, not exaggerated, nor too wipes on the seams, so as not to damage them.

Reached the color you like, away from jeans bleaching and move them in a bowl filled with cold water, which will stop the clearing process operated by the bleach. Clearly avoided sketches, not to ruin your clothes. With the other method, the abrasive, after getting the look desired, brush the jeans to remove any residue. However, if the final result does not satisfy you or if you have forgotten some areas, repeat the process.

Whichever method you choose, before putting your new jeans in the wardrobe it is essential to wash them again to eliminate the remnants of bleach or those due to pumice. This final wash will be cold, not to further stress the fabric already tried by the treatment.

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Never forget:

  • Do not rush, take your time to accomplish the task at best.If you use the bleach you wear gloves.