How to Match a Gray Jacket

In this simple and comprehensive guide we will see how you can combine a gray jacket so that you always have a proper clothing in three instances: at work, in leisure time and for a particular event. As you are aware, knowing how to dress tastefully and with style is not at all easy, because very often you run into the risk of excess and queerness or, conversely, the extreme simplicity which can give your look look flat and boring. We see, therefore, some useful tips on how to match a gray jacket.

If you intend to pull over a gray jacket to go to work, it is preferable to opt for a simple look but at the same time accurate and competent. The material should be of medium-weight, in natural fabrics like wool during the winter season, or a nice linen for summer. Below, however, it is advisable to wear a shirt showing signs of tones on blue, sugar paper or ocean. At work the tie represents a real must, and with this kind of clothing will look good with both the Red shades of bordeaux. The ideal pants should be lightweight, soft lines and essential, preferring dark blue or black. Finally, you should pay the most attention to footwear. In particular, those related to the occasion are loafers or leather.

If you prefer, instead, a gray jacket to spend free time and for ordinary expenditure, the ideal is represented by a sporty and casual male outerwear. To get a glaumour style, it is a good idea to bring a crew shirt and dark in color. Also you should prefer then a couple of joggers which do not show the center fold blue or a showy color such as red. You should be aware, however, choose a soft fabric, opting for flax in summer and winter velvet. The shoes should be of natural tones, ranging from beige to blue.

If you intend to take part in an evening, an event or an important ceremony, their appearance must be beyond reproach. It is not recommended to show up with the dress broke, but you should opt for a suit. You must be careful when buying pants of the exact color of the tunic. The shirt fits must be ivory-colored or very light blue, and the tie should be silk or taffeta, preferably dark like shoes. The latter must have, without any doubt, an elegant line, with strings or not. Also, consider that during formal occasions, the last button of sleeve must always be held undoubtedly unbuttoned. Following the advice that we have provided in this guide you will always and without any doubt a very impeccable.