How to Match the Jeans


Jeans are one of the leaders of basic clothing in our wardrobes but you know just eat match it with the best? You know what are the right look to show off your beloved pants in denim? In this article we want to give you some tips fashion, as many as 9 ways to perfectly match your denim pants. Have at least a pair of trousers in the wardrobe of jeans is really a must; He is the head of the simplest clothing, which solves many look primarily by day but also by night, is an evergreen, something that basically never goes out of style. It is, inter alia, a really indestructible head if the denim is of good quality. However the fashion houses will produce many by presenting them with different washes but also patterns, prints and above cuts. Certainly, apart from models, ones that are attracting a lot of attention are the jeans push up. True, all women, however, have at least one denim pants. We see, then, how to match the jeans at best.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Jeans
  • T-shirt
  • shirt
  • belt

How to pair a denim pants? It is easier than you think, because the first advice I give is just to simply match it. T-shirt and jeans or shirt and jeans always work, especially during the day for a perfect look casual. One of the best ways to match the jeans is with some other head of jeans. In short, a total denim look. You have to make sure only one thing that the washings of the two heads of jeans are different. All bets on the color! Denim pants there are many. Those plain are very easy to match! Just a t-shirt, a blouse or shirt possibly with a sober color and you’re perfect and even casual chic when combined all at a pair of high heels.

And if the jeans were black? There is no problem, in this case you can even create an outfit a little ‘vintage combining an old vest, maybe more and jeans, taken directly from the distant, by now, the 80 fun-colored trousers and fancy jeans. Bets on floral on the ethnic or on animal prints (but not exaggerated) and a T-shirt matched, perhaps a bit ‘long, the boots or sandals cage, maybe wedge, and you will be extremely perfect. Total denim look, ie, denim shirt and pants of jeans bell-bottom, to create a perfect style years 70. Even in this case is the second rule of this handbook then choose two washes and different base colors.

Wear jeans with a high waist with a belt slipping away provided there. Usually, in the low-rise models do not need but those above the navel is definitely a must. Patch style, what is it? It is very simple, that is combining two denim garments but are composed of different parts. In the case of denim shirt this could have sleeves of two different denim, the contrasting pockets the rest. The same applies also to the pants which could have pockets on the back of different colors. The last pairing involves the use of flags. Prints with Union Jack and even more American often return to trend. When this occurs we recommend that you buy jeans with these patriotic fantasies to create international looks supplementing them with simple t-shirt.


Never forget:

  • Choose carefully your accessories: a beautiful bag, a necklace, a pair of pumps shoes can embellish and give importance to your work look denim.