How to Match White Shirt


The white shirt is definitely a must-have in the wardrobe of every man. It is an extremely versatile which can be used in various occasions including formal dinners, social events or business meetings. It is therefore essential to know how to wear depending on the situation, in order to prevent our clothing is trivial and obvious. So here’s how to match a white shirt so that they are always spotless and never out of place.

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If we have to attend formal events like a wedding, a dinner or an exclusive party, the choice must necessarily fall back on the dress (jacket and pants) to be worn over the shirt. The latter can be of different colors. Those surely more elegant and suited to such circumstances are black, gray and dark blue. Allowed to opt for colorful and most heated tones only if the opportunity allows us to be slightly more exuberant. Full you need to match a black or brown belt and a pair of dark shoes and shiny.

If the situation were to be especially formal you can wear with the jacket, a tie and a shirt pocket clutches, accessories can provide a touch of class and character. The first must stand out compared to the white shirt while retaining a certain harmony with shades of the dress. The second one should definitely not be the same color of the tie, but simply that takes only a nuance or detail of the latter. If we were to attend a gala you can optionally wear a bowtie possibly black, detail that will donate the entire complete a great attitude.

If we were asked to take part in a more informal event, choosing our clothing will fall on a white shirt and a pair of jeans or pants in solid color, the color of which will vary according to your individual taste. As for the shoes you can opt for classics to loafers or athletic shoes, so that our style is more youthful. Depending on the occasion and season you may also want to wrap your sleeves or wear a sweater over it.

It should be noted that it, being a chief who can crush easily, it should be worn only in case it is perfectly ironed and wrinkle-free. You should also pay special attention to any unsightly sweat stains which may occur especially during the summer season. To work around this problem you must avoid wearing other clothing on or under your shirt, especially in warm weather. So now that you have these little tips, you can wear this versatile piece of clothing whenever you wish, without being ever out of place.


Never forget:

  • In informal occasions, you can complete the clothes wearing some accessories like watches, sunglasses or necklaces.