How to Stay Warm Wearing Leggings

It is clear that the leggings are an accessory that you absolutely must have in her closet, especially in winter. How do I wear all staying warm? Here are a few tips to stay radiant in your leggings despite a grumpy time.

How to stay warm?

We know that leggings are not the best for us keep warm during the winter since they are generally designed in the end and stretch fabric. Fortunately, there are the polar legging to wear like pants during the winter season. We’ll carry well with sweaters of all kinds and colors that you will build to always stay classy and comfortable.
You can also opt for the fancy leggings: to don’t look like a foolish in the city with lined boots. They go very well with winter such as gloves, big scarves and hats accessories.
This type of legging with an Aztec motif or an animal print, provides us with many opportunities in winter. It is also possible to adopt the rock style with leggings adorned with stars, worn with a black jacket and flat boots.

With the leggings, it is always advisable to wear the senior wide. This is true both in summer and in winter. It’s just a matter of taste and balance. The tops, wide shirts and tunics will do with these tights without feet.

More sexy with the tregging

With the printed leather leggings, also known as animal treggings, the problem is not to stay warm, as it is the leather. Be careful in the choice of the top don’t fall into monotony. One can, for example, wear matte leggings in dark color with a white sweater and feet, a nice pair of pumps with pointed tip. To be more cool, a shirt fitted, a trench coat and boots to setbacks will be feeling.