How to Understand the Clothes Sizes Vintage!

Very often the sizes of vintage clothing do not match the current and we risk making noise blunders!

Many of us in recent years have become true of passionate vintage shopping. We like to get into these very cool shops, rummage and find our little darling! This can be a dress of our favorite designer or the particular line, or a handbag but in any case it will be a unique and original article.

To threaten this idyll, however, we think a bogeyman feared: sizes. Whoever does the vintage shopping you will observe that sizes of vintage clothing do not coincide at all with those of modern clothes. The result is that often we take the disappointments, we go home and we discover that the boss that we chose us is big 5 times! How is it possible?

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It is not a matter of brand, but its total change in the allocation of sizes. Since the 90s the sizes have been reduced, or what used to be a 44 became a 40, and so on. The reason is simple: it is very convenient for fashion houses make us believe that we are lean as we would like! For American sizes you must always add 6 to the size indicated on the label.

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So if the gown is a size 4 you have to think that it’s a 10, and if it’s a 6 then it actually corresponds to a 12. The sizes of the game has also created myths, for example, it is often said that was well far from being an anchovy because it took a 12, already, but now we know that 12 of the 50 corresponds to a size 6 of our day do we do?