How to Use Suits and Blazers Window Pane

Suits and blazers window pane has been shown to be a good option for those who have already made all possible combinations with these pieces in versions plain and now want to insert a pattern elegant in its looks. The window pane is versatile enough to grace a beautiful custom, and traffic by the work environment or to make the company the jeans in a fitting, casual.

How to Use Suits and Blazers Window Pane

If you have difficulty to distinguish the types of chess, suffice to say that the window pane is formed by the intersection of the thin lines and simple, forming a design that resembles the frame of a window pane or window. Usually the lines are equidistant, but there are a few variations of the pattern where there may be traces more closely than others, though still keep this drawing is peculiar. The colors between the lines and the background can be contrasting or tone-on-tone, with the latter being much more discreet and easy to combine.

Here are some tips for entering this sophisticated pattern in your day-to-day.

1 – Suit window pane for bride and groom

A lot of people ask me about alternatives to the traditional suit for the groom, here is a good choice, the usual window pane in a tone on tone navy graphite also goes well). Choose a bow tie, clear, grey, or silver) and not to leave out the handkerchief in the pocket.


2 – Blazer window pane for the summer

In the summer, a blazer with a very clear and discreet does wonders when combined with that shirt cool cotton or linen and twill pants white. Separate a moccasin navy or caramel to finish.


3 – Suit window pane: how to combine shirts and ties easily

Doubt with colors? If the suit is neutral and the window pane is colored, as in the example above, match the shirt and tie doing tone-on-tone based on the color of the pattern. It is elegant and harmonious.


4 – Blazer window pane double-breasted in casual look

The double-breasted blazer with window pane may seem very serious, but you can use the pieces relaxed to make a look casual and cool. Jeans, beat-up, and a casual shoes can assist in the task.


5 – Suit window pane used in a casual way

The same goes for the suit, which may seem very dour for some. Just throw away some features like roll up the sleeves, unbutton the shirt, and choose a footwear relax to seem extremely cool. I just do not indicate to the sandals of the photo, but a sneaker cool can complement with perfection without leaving the look less stripped down.


6 – Window pane combined with other types of chess

Gives to combine with other types of chess? Gives yes, but be careful to choose a more standard “heavy”, that is, with thicker lines and remember to harmonize the color with the tone of the strokes, as has been said before. This goes for both the shirt and the tie.


7 – Suit window pane in shades of dark

For those who like dark shades, window pane black background graphite is it’s very classy and makes it possible to explore shirts with textures like chambray or jeans, making a nice contrast and enriching the visual. If you can do the same with the tie, better yet, the combo will draw attention to your face.


8 – Window pane mixed with other prints and/or patterns

Mixing prints and patterns also gives samba! Stripes, plaid and poa in one look just won’t work if the whole is too flashy, keep the clean, understated look, and you will create a combination of earth-shattering.


9 – Window pane look retro

The window pane also works well with accessories, retro hats, bow-ties with footprint preppy and suspenders, an ideal option for those who cultivate this type of style.