How to Wear a Corset

When you have a visible disability, it can be tempting to dress so as to pass unnoticed. Circe, she explains how wearing a piece of clothing less classic like the corset allows it to regain confidence in it.

How to Wear a Corset

Not all people with disabilities have the same tastes (!), nor the same physical constraints. But they need, like anyone of clothing in which they feel well, where they are proud to be themselves, because it is important to keep a pleasure to dress. If you look a bit on the different possible clothing styles, we quickly realize there a variety that is not always found in the brands.

The corset

Often affiliated with underground clothing styles, the corset is becoming more and more on the shelves of mainstream brands. At the base an undergarment to refine the size and back up his chest, he’s worn since the 16th century and has undergone many transformations over the story, based on the representations of the ideal female body and some practical aspects (materials used, women’s activities, etc…).

Apart from the medical corset that is always used in the case of serious back problems, this controversial object then fell into disuse. And this isn’t an evil, since he went from obligation to object of desire. Today, he is seen as an accessory for fashion and, as it is more synonymous with obligation, it therefore has the right to love him! Personally, I know that have the neat back makes me feel good and feel good in my clothes makes me smile.

To each his corset

There are as many styles of corsets than t-shirts or jeans: any color, in all subjects, for a look very classic or downright eccentric. I personally chose a red and black corset with a pretty Warrior design – when I put, I feel able to deal with everything and everyone – but I also have a satin black corset that gives a touch of class to any shirt.

Matter the style that we like, if he brings that sense of pleasure and pride, forget comments or even astonished looks and not afraid to do it. But beware, as any clothing, all corsets are equal in terms of quality. The corset is an object that will compress, hold your body: it is therefore important to choose carefully. “Suffer to be beautiful”, it’s 5 minutes!

Small operating instructions

Whatever the corset you choose, it is initially a little difficult to breathe and to move naturally. I would say that it is a matter of habit. I asked my physiotherapist if the wearing of corsets could harm my health. He said that he had no trouble from the moment where I wore it all the time: worn permanently, the corset might weaken the muscles of my back because they would be more in demand. Of course, depending on your disability, it may be important to ask the question in your own Physio.

It is also important, if you decide to try one day to wear, to increase the time gradually porting. No, you won’t go to your best friend’s wedding with this beautiful red corset that you saw on internet but never tried. The reason is simple: the corset is forcing you to have very straight back, this can create pain, especially at the beginning. Some movements may be more complicated, as bending down or get into his car. Respiration and digestion process are also changed: this isn’t for nothing than in the past, women were eating small bites and didn’t take deep breaths.

How to choose her corset

There are a huge variety of corsets. Here are the two main elements to take into account when choosing the model, depending on your tastes and your morphology.

  • The form

There are corsets that take you to the hips breasts-this is the case of my bustier oversize. The difficulty can be put it on and move with. There are plenty of videos on the internet to put a corset but is not easy and, increasingly, being disabled, better ask someone to help.

There are also less covering corsets, designed to be worn over other clothing (preferably cotton or a material allowing the skin to breathe). This is the case of underbust corsets that go below the chest, and greenhouses-sizes (which look more like a wide belts to classic corsets). If you have large breasts, get preference for a view model or a classic corset with plunging neckline. For a small chest, choose a classic amount corset with a straight neckline.

  • The type of whales

There are corset metal whales and the corset to plastic whales; and the difference is not at all trivial. Choose metal whales if you want a corset that shrink your waist and put your chest. But beware, they are also the most compressive corsets: they are very good back, but often prove a little difficult to wear at the beginning. These whales steel can be rigid or spiral (more flexible but offering less maintenance).

The corsets to whales plastic are often much more flexible and less restrictive. They shake with ribbons, are less strong, have no reductive effect of size, but are often much more affordable financially. They are more casual fashion accessories of clothes to wear on the day the day. If you have very large breasts, do not rely on plastic whales, which deform more easily, to keep your chest.