How to Wear Rings on Fingers

This year jewelery section of the trends are increasingly varied. And the side of our hands is the same. We find both small fine and golden rings, fashion rings as thick (or “statement rings” in English) with precious stones or cabochons stones. Another big trend of the season: ethnic rings antique silver metal, less imposing and accumulate for rendering very bohemian.

How do we find it among all these ways to wear our rings? It helps you take stock.

Accumulate to shine better

One way that is found most to the wearing rings like a discount costume jewelry, it is the accumulation. We love all fine and discreet rings that can be worn every day, that go with everything and never leave us. However, they rarely get attention and spend a little unnoticed.

The solution bang on trend: accumulate several thin rings on (almost) all the fingers! You put two or three of the index, middle and ring fingers, and one remains in a ring on the thumb and little finger. One can also add small rings phalanx to give even more style.

We chose the fine, silver or gold, and possibly with small patterns or unusual shapes. May also bet on fancy rings sets already composed of several rings which may be identical or different, or multi-row rings which create a multiple rings effect. At Balaboosté:

Draw attention

To draw attention to his hands through her jewelery, the focus is on the big rings set with stones, fancy rings adorned with rhinestones, or fancy rings patterned taking all the lower joint of the finger.

On one door on any hand for a fairly simple result or it accumulates to give an ethnic style for example with different colored gemstone rings. However, careful not to put on all fingers, which would be much too big.


Finally, it is also daring originality, let go and opt for very original bands that come out of the lot and will draw attention to your hands and give you style!

We can try an original form, color a little flashy, a way to bring a little different … They stand on their own, no need to accumulate so.