How to Wear White Cheese on Skin?

We carry the favourite color of all summer children now also in winter. But now with pale skin in white clothing not a limestone wall in snowstorms to look like, it should be noted some styling rules.

In the summer we wear white in winter black – this unwritten law of fashion is no longer valid. On the catwalks of designers and the road, this is done long ago. The online shops and stores are full of white winter parts.

Clearly, to tanned skin, bright white is the hook. Now that our complexion is quite cheesy, have many afraid to wear white clothes. This note a few style rules, is not like a limestone wall in snowstorms to become invisible. Beware:

  1. the right tone meet
    White is not equal to white – the colour is variant-rich than you think. Broken nuances such as eggshell, ivory, champagne, wool white or the famous Pearl White (that is, in fact, namely yellow stitch side) seem warm and flatter a pale winter complexions. Have wool, suede and silk white substances by nature already a warm tone. Put now accordingly on these materials. So also for the Office in the winter means: An ivory silk blouse is more appropriate than the model made of kalkweißer cotton winter skin.
  2. on a part
    Not actually as snow rabbit in a white look from head to toe invisible to become, now sit on only a white part, such as a sweater in natural white, and style trappings. Daring: white base. Finally, rain and snow match now is the biggest enemy for white jeans, skirts, dresses, and boots. But dare and show class. Do you still wear the white complete look: combine white necessarily different shades and textures to create tension.
  3. neutral combination partners
    Base colors are perfect combination partner such as beige, camel or grey white to ennobling and particularly elegant effect. An more Combi: Blunt pastel hues looks feminine and soft white winter clothes and give her a fresh summer kick on top of that. Terrific and fitting to the fixed and celebration time: white Gold(Schmuck) and other metallic tones. The black and white look is a classic. A white coat over an all-black look is perfect to take his darkness fashion winter imbued with dark clothing. Caution: Always remain in the color world! Monochrome looks Act only as a total look. Name: shoes and accessories are black, white, nude or grey.
  4. accents
    The great thing about white: It can be combined with each x arbitrary color. A splash of color works wonders in the pale season. Whether you choose bright blue, sporty neon or fine wine, occasion and taste is up to. While a nuance often enough the signal effect. So confidently put on Accessories like scarf, belt, shoes, pantyhose (!) or bag in bright colors.
  5. with makeup trick
    No, this is not meant to lubricate a liter self-tanning face now or start wild experiments with bronzer. Much easier: use lipstick. You remember the Raffaelo woman from television advertising? Without her bright red lips, it would in their white-complete look and with her Alabaster complexion only half so seductive look and descend into a mountain of coconut chocolates. Inherently cool skin types put now on fruity cherry tones or strong pink, warm types choose best Orange stitch-lipstick. We lift the pale nude colors us for the summer.