Hugh Jackman Elected The Most Sexy

People magazine has published its annual list of the men more sexy. The winner in 2008 was Australian actor Hugh Jackman, that the next Christmas will debut on the film Australia. His partner in that movie, Nicole Kidman, ensures that ‘jaw falls to women when Hugh enters a room”, and no wonder because it seems to me very sexy and very striking beauty.

Second has been the bond Daniel Craig, in third place was for Jon Hamm, protagonist of the series Mad Men and the guy for the young Zac Efron, popular for High School Musical and the ideal man for many girls. Javier Bardem appears in twelve since and David Beckham in the fifteen.

40 years old and with 1, 90 tall, Australian actor must recognize that it is super, but and where are Brad Pitt or George Clooney? the last winner of the 2007 election. Could it be that her beauty has already tired? In my case I don’t think so as well. Or is it marketing issue? It seems to me very strange in a list of 16 names not appearing.



Top Fashion News: Hugh Jackman Photos

Top Fashion News: Hugh Jackman Photos