In Spring Flowers Invade Our Wardrobe

Spring the blood alters, and Cabinet passed allergies and dares to show off thousands of flowers in all garments. This is perfectly normal enter a store and see how this pattern every year triumphs in different versions, This year again star. Dresses, skirts, trousers, total looks… The street turns into a Botanical Garden where our outfits vary in style and form.

And if you’ve still not fallen into the temptation or want to renew that set that both liked a few years ago but that has to happen (inevitably) to better life, here are several more options. And in the end on the variety… It is the taste.

  • Total floral look from Zara, starting from 39.95 EUR.
  • Dress in tissue fluid with floral print of Mango, 29.99 euros.
  • Set of skirt and crop top from Asos, from 9,99 EUR.
  • Pants set with wide leg of Asos Reclaimed Vintage, 64,99 EUR.