Incredibly, Should This Model Be “Too Fat”?

Again and again, ultra thin skinny models can be seen on the runways of the international fairs. This could be in the future thanks to a courageous history of models, at least in England.

The British model Scarlett gray (18) wearing a UK size 6, which corresponds to a German size 36. 1.77 meters in size is slim. Actually. This confection for elite, one of the largest modeling agencies in the world, but bordered by tall.

Model Scarlett gray threw out her job when her Agency told them to take off for the London fashion week. For the Valentino show in Paris in March 2014 was allowed to run but still.

The Booker of the English Agency declared almost a year ago Scarlett that necessarily must take off, if she would take part in Auditions for the London Fashion Week (in September 2014). With their mass, she was too thick. Every young model would be now useless diets plunged into, to earn a coveted job with dream dimensions of lean model – not so Scarlett gray.

Together with her mother, Scarlett is turned to the British Parliament with a request to be upheld against the lean model mania.

Too thick to modelling?
She did the right thing and announced her agency. The English went even a step further and wrote a letter to the British Parliament along with her mother: “I was pleased for my daughter, she was allowed to go to auditions. But then I was shocked and appalled, when I received a phone call from my daughter, who was in a desperate state: you was too thick, especially on the hips, which a few centimetres; become wider But what is now 17 years old girl – it’s called puberty.”

The British Parliament is right the Scarlett and her mother. Such States in the fashion industry in the future where we can’t get. Dangerously thin models give girls an unrealistic view of beauty, leading to eating disorders and in the worst case to bulimia and anorexia.

Employment ban threatens skinny models
The British MP Caroline Nokes (43) wants to assert itself now increasingly for the enforcement of such a law, what already next month is due to come into force. Also a different model should be consulted for the hearing: the Australian Rosalie Nelson (23), this October launched a petition. The model calls for regular health checks at agencies and a ban on thin models on the catwalk. Also she themselves was constantly prompted by her agency to take off with a size of 1.80 metres and a weight of 55 kg, and to reduce the hips 89 cm maximum.

Whether England will stop the obsession with low-fat? France has already opened the eyes and spring passed a law prohibiting a BMI under 18 on the catwalk.