It Teaches Leg with These 7 Types of Shorts

In summer touches teach leg and shorts are the perfect garment for this purpose. Are our best allies to deal with high temperatures and they are perfect to wear with day and night outfits. Which model would you still the best? or with what type do you dare? There seven kinds of shorts so that you can choose which you like.

Basic short

Molly Bracken

With them we look comfortable, chilly, and as I said a few days ago, the more original better. There are real cuties getting divine outfits. And of course the basic colors and with many fall fabrics. Pliers are the most chic versions, the denim are the most common but in many cases with cute details and crochet the more Bohemian.



It is the model most Classic and also the most serious. For the young people they are boring, but already with a certain age where you can not wear shorts already, become the garment of the summer. A model knee that always have with certain male air.

MOM shorts


Our mothers took them, but fads always come back. With silhouette of the 90, This design of shorts is of high-waisted and usually woven denim comes full of Aires vintage.

Skirt pants


If there is a comfortable garment par excellence, this is the skirt pants. Designs that are false skirts because they are actually under a mini-pantalon and that are over more favor because they make the leg more long and thin to a normal short. And a major plus if you get up skirt no problem.

Daisy duke

H & M

For the lovers of the 1980s, the shorts style Daisy Duke they are your shorts. Models that you can find them in high or hip throw, but always with very little material, slumping, and therefore, very very sexy. No doubt, only suitable for the most daring.


Model type box


More loose than the other models, the box type they tend to be sports Aires, but this group proposals are also included to look daily usually satin. They respond to the rubber-leg with drop waist.

High-waisted shorts


High waist has returned to our lives and our wardrobe. With a retro feel, the high-waisted shorts they are super stylish with a shirt inside by or with a crop top which does not lack that is very short.