Jessica Stam, Omnipresent

What shall we wear in the fall? This question obsesses over a fashionista… To try to answer, nothing better than to analyze the new advertising campaigns that have invested the releases of September. However, poring said pages, evidence staring us in the eyes: if concepts and stylistic approach vary, a face, a silhouette is somewhat recurring … The star of the season is called Jessica Stam.

Nothing seems to stop the young Canadian: in 2006, it was already all the shows, now it is transformed on no less than nine different campaigns pub. Among them, there are those of Dior, DKNY, Roberto Cavalli and Miss Sixty. Raquel Zimmermann fact challenger office with six commercials to counter, including Fendi and Gucci. These two ladies have gleefully stole the show with Miss Kate Moss who appears only in four campaigns…

Many new faces, sneak previews when the last shows, seem to be the tops of tomorrow, and this is confirmed with the successful cast for the rest of the countryside. The Englishwoman Georgia Frost poses for Burberry and D & G. The young Russian Irina Kulikova is present in Prada, Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs and Pringle. The end of a reign? The dawn of a new era?