Julianne Moore Confirms That The Feathers Are Still “In”

And it has done so in the party that Bvlgari It was held in Paris, whose campaign is image Julianne, the redhead more sophisticated universe of the red carpets.

It seems that when a trend is already in the Shop windows tents low-cost It has ceased to be trend to begin his fall sharply. And if there is anything these days pre Christmas we can find here, there and yonder are feathers above, below and in between.

What is one has resisted at the moment. It resisted the time & #8220;Feather skirt“ that both national celebrities such as Patricia Conde and many bloggers wore strutting his feathers which Royal ave. But what I think that you I will not resist is at this moment “ feather neck ”. For its eclecticism, can change any look with a single touch, and because she is, my admired Julianne.

The party in question did not attend alone, but in the company of the more elegant, more dandy, the most “ man & #8221;, Clive Owen.