Kairos Smartwatch Review

A mechanical watch equipped with a semi-transparent screen for digital messages: here is perhaps the first intelligent watch with which you can go out without knowing the look ridiculous.

The Kairos intelligent watch is not a futuristic looking gadget. It resembles a classic watch with its needles and visible gears. But the dial with the hands is integrated in a small transparent OLED screen that comes into use, when a notification arrives on the smartphone of the owner. This notification appears on the screen, while the hands remain visible.

This is perhaps the most stylish intelligent LED watch we have ever seen on http://www.centralledwatch.com/. You can wear it outside without seeming to get out of the world of ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Star Trek’.


This is potentially unfortunate for competition. According to rumors, Apple has been preparing for years already an intelligent watch, without having presented any concrete yet. For its part, Google recently introduced Android Wear, the mini-version of the Android mobile operating system that will turn on smart watches. The first Android Wear watches are expected for this summer and will be manufactured by manufacturers LG and Motorola.

The Kairos watch can now be ordered according to the manufacturer. Prices range from 1,199 to 2,149 dollars (875-1,570 euros). In comparison with LG and Motorola, who will probably sell their models at 200-250 euros, it is rather expensive, even if those who order today, will benefit from a preferential rate.

The watch is compatible via Bluetooth with the iPhone and Android. It is equipped with a small touchscreen of 1.4 inch and a battery offering a autonomy of 5 to 7 days. Watches will be supplied from December this year. (TV).