Kate Moss and Charlize Theron: Cover with The Dress

Once more the covers of fashion back to match an outfit, or rather our. This time the protagonists of recurrence are magazine Vogue and the magazine Elle, both fashion, both prestigious and both in its August editions.

In their respective covers two large, each in their own, Kate Moss in modeling, and Chalize Theron in the film. The model is the cover of the magazine American Vogue and the actress is of Elle UK, and what they have in common? a dress.

The design in question is of the collection autumn-winter 2008/09 Louis Vuitton, a creation blank broken, with a “bib” by way of tie at the neckline and tight on the hips. A dress perfect for Theron, but too much serious for Moss. And in fact, the covers can be appreciated as the model is too rigid and serious, perhaps did not feel very comfortable as well dressed. However, Charlize Theron see her sexiest and most like how looks it.

No doubt, I’ll stick with Charlize Theron And you?