Kim Cattrall Opens Harrods Sale

Already we have been able to see Eva Longoria, Sarah Michelle Prince (formerly Gellar) and Lily Allen as invited by Mohammed Al Fayed to be the godmothers of the London department store Harrod’s sale. The order would be winter, summer and winter. Of these three, only the singer is English, so it is multiculturalism and diversity of its beauty.

However, as nationality is not run with fame or influence in the least, what matter is that they were all in a good moment of his career and also the actress anglocanadiense Kim Cattrall It is also with the premiere of the film of sex in New York and that is why it has been chosen to inaugurate this 2008 summer bargains.

Eva picked a beige coat, Sarah a monkey of grey satin and Lily a black sequined dress. All marcaron a particular style to cuts, own and no could be less with the sensual “Samantha”, who was received by Mohammed Al Fayed at the front door of the enormous tent. Kim was dressed with a white dress skirt and low-cut circular and one Sleeve three quarters in salmon. Very pretty and very cool.