Label Love Eleven Paris & Shop Opening in Berlin

The Paris fire ELEVE PARIS exists already since 2003, was at times but always on my personal “ignore list”. That may sound more than evil, but perhaps the recalls one or the other here is still on this extremely popular moustache T-shirts, where Kate Moss, Pharrell & co a super funny finger mustache under your nose held. Yes now. A matter of taste.

After a shirt that could manage to exude a little tennis flair without but functional clothing to look out, I ended up looking recently unexpectedly in the online-shop of two friends who have even managed to win La Moss most personally for a campaign. Well, what can I say: I see in the current Spring collection actually a portion of pleasant wit, but above all: basics, which are by no means boring and remain affordable despite the large hype.

The aforementioned Favorites from the shop:

And then, because even a pair of shoes that are at all not even by poor parents would be:

It of course remains the case: not every upper highlight of the two ÉLÈVE PARIS heads hits the mark with me. But the good is: the collections are all gigantic. And has a few parts actually already zoom made:

I just say: jeans jacket, bomber jacket, track pants:

PSSST – soon ÉLÈVE PARIS opened a store in Berlin – where and when, for the time being remains a secret, but long not going to anymore. And until then, the online shop still remains us.