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How to Wash Jeans with Salt (to Avoid Faded Jeans)

We learned so many homemade recipes “Time Grandma” to apply with household chores which is hard to know what really works, what is expendable and which may even be harmful. One idea is to add cooking salt in dark clothes washing helps to “hold” the color of the fabric, avoiding that it discolors.

According to personal organizer Ingrid Lisbon, the trick really works. “Jeans, especially those without flushing, and darks, even with washing, loose a lot of ink. The salt helps hold the color longer, “he said, counting that did an experiment with the clothes themselves to prove the theory. “A pant that was color and oil was washed unsalted ended up blue. After 4 to 6 months, the piece gets worn face, “he says.


For a 6 kg filled machine, Ingrid indicates add 3 tablespoons well filled with salt soup. “It can fill well the spoon, without fear,” he explains.

Washing Jeans Tips


White wine vinegar also works well to hold the color of dark clothes, avoiding the fast fading. Furthermore, it is a good deodorant, which acts by killing bacteria that cause bad-smell on clothes, particularly sweat.

In a 6 kg machine full, add 200 ml of white wine vinegar.


Do not just add salt or vinegar to keep the original color of the piece for longer. Ingrid list other care when washing and drying this type of clothing and mistakes that many people make. See details on http://www.songaah.com/lyrics/faded-jeans.html.