Leggings are not Pants Article

How many times have we said or there we are heard? The leggings are not pants! Ok, we know it well, but even so we also enjoyed the video posted on Facebook by an American mom to warn women from incorrect use of the notorious leggings. Now the video is viral: let’s look together!

Leggings are not Pants Article

Nothing new: each of us has heard – and/or done – this speech a hundred times. But from time to time we like to go on leggings, especially in transitional periods in which to escape all Hamlet-like doubt “What shall I wear?”, We run into the temptation to solve any outfit with a pair of leggings, using them as if they were pants. But the leggings are not pants! a return to this issue in recent days was Jamie Randolph Higdon, a woman in Cleveland, Tennessee, who posted a video on his Facebook page, pointing out all the reasons why the leggings are not considered in any way as a pants.

Jamie is an American mom, and it is called the “stove see women wrapped in leggings”. A shared feeling, evidently, as from 15 October the woman Video has exceeded the quota of 13 million views and has been shared almost 300 thousand times. Jamie saw the video just before you go to purchase a new pair of leggings: he could not find her, and so he borrowed those of her daughter. When Jamie was, however, he realized that the couple of “no-pants” not wore a glove abandoned them in favor of a visit to the store, and decided to share his thoughts with the bridgat community.

Leggings are not Pants Article 3

The beginning of the video already makes it quite clear Jamie’s point of view:

“I love leggings. I do not care if you do not like, do not criticize me: they are extremely comfortable. Not yet tailored fit perfectly on any body. You can be used to outfit the fashion or a more informal style and look like a student, or an elegant woman, depending on how they are combined.”

So what is the problem?

That many people continue to use the leggings as pants, which are not. If you cannot wear a shirt or a shirt that covers your butt, you should not put them. And if your leggings are so narrow as to leave a glimpse of your tattoo, you do not have to just wear them. And in this case call them tights.

These are just some of the rules, which is followed by others, for example the one on the white leggings:

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OMG. Those should be just bandits. Hint at anything.

For Jamie, in the end, the solution is simple:

You can also wear a soft woman of a certain age, you just make sure the seat is covered.

The crux of the matter, in fact, would not be in the beauty of the body of the girl wearing leggings or age or thinness.

Even a thin girl may incur a loss of style if you put the leggings using them as if they were real pants.

This is because no one cares to know how your underwear, I assure you.

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Ultimately, how you wear them “properly” blessed leggings?

If you put a long tunic-style shirt or a dress, okay. You can wear them with boots, or with the dancers: match with all sorts of garments. But you must make sure that the bottom is covered.

Although, in fact, in his video Jamie does not reveal the discovery of hot water, who saw the video was impressed by his sympathy and his irony. And, why not ?, we also like to think that every so often a reminder of this kind are good for all! Do not you think, friends?