Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen, Mischa Barton, and Other Celebrities, Is Moving to Dubai

If during the year by a landslide win the stylings of street of the celebrities, as the holidays approach, begins to sense that we look at their gala suits, those who out of holiday season, are nothing more than a reality nothing close.

Now is not that we can allow ourselves to their wonderful gowns by magic, but We can note for those dates in which we like to change jeans by special dresses.

Nor will be able to spend the holidays in the most luxurious hotel in the world, the Atlantis Hotel, located in the peninsula atificial built Palm-shaped in Dubai (and where is casa Victoria Beckham), location up to the average Hollywood has moved to enjoy the sweetness of the desert and the extravagance of a party that has cost it hosts no less than 32 million dollars. Who said crisis?

Economic obscenities aside, the paradise of the dunes and skyscrapers were passed Lindsay Lohan and his inseparable Samantha Ronson, this last, as casual as ever, but smaller than ever. Lindsay better not apuntéis you nothing, and is that black dress carrying is not in the list of little black dress desirable: It seemed that he was going to the communion of his sister. Always avoid cascading frills, enormous ties at the waist, and long necklaces, all together. I’ll take his girlfriend. If you put a few stilettos instead of sports, look happens to be winners. I always say: If one does not know dress prom dresses, best to stay with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and adding a good pair of shoes. Never fails.

Mary-Kate Olsen, online, he donned in a manton-batin in ivory and aires vintage, which may like or not, but it is completely true to their style. If these parties you decide on the Bohemian air, do not hesitate and copy it. But to cope with a look of this kind is to have right hand with retro or but run the risk that it seems you’re going disrazada.

Mischa Barton, surprisingly favored, he chose a beautiful dress by Matthew Williamson, in Pale shades, asymmetric neckline and cut vaporous, it’s that they never disappoints.

Kylie Minogue He wanted however by a dress more cumbersome and folk so it is usual in it, based on a tail of ruffles and flowers in pink and black, that truth, gave him a quite romantic.

Y Charlize Theron, Obviously, was spectacular simpmente with a very simple dress: and is that when one is so beautiful there are plenty all possible ornaments that less is almost always more.