Lipstick Jungle, Cancelled

In just over one year we are left orphans of two of the series calls happen to sex in New York. If last year and tars only seven chapters, the American network ABC decided porn performers front page end to New York adventures of Lucy Liu and company in Cashmere Mafia, are now competitors of NBC in Lipstcik Jungle where goodbye to television Grill (although in Spain still you can enjoy both in the Cosmopolitan channel and the Fox respectively).

Brooke Shileds, Lindsay Price and Kim Raver, say goodbye to their characters in women in Manhattan to just two seasons from its inception, so it seems that the natural release of Sex and the city, at the moment, only Gossip Girl teens have been able to take it.

All the other experiments, Candace Bushnell and Patricia Field included front, have proved unsuccessful, and replace to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, is hard task.