Look for Tall, Thin Woman

Be is for the minority. Being tall and thin is for a smaller portion. If you have 1.70 cm tall or more consider yourself a tall woman, since the average height women in Brazil is 1.65 cm. Usually, tall, thin woman finds it difficult to compose a look, because depending on the clothes get even more long.

The advantage of being tall and thin is that fashion is geared entirely to women of this biotope. So there is no difficulty in finding clothes that are suitable for this silhouette.

4 tips for tall, thin woman create a look

  1. Monochromatic clothes: If you do not want to look even taller, avoid clothes of one color (top and bottom), because it will leave your body more elongated.

But, if you insist and like, some of the alternatives is to use pieces that give some volume on the sides, especially if you have little hip. Or, do an overlap, as a cardigan of a different color or “cut” the body with a belt, for example or break the monochromatic look with accessories of other colors, such as necklaces, earrings, among others.

  1. Short clothes: the shorter your look, you’re going to be highest. Shorts, skirts or dresses shorts will not be well, if what you seek is to lower the silhouette. The tall, thin woman has long legs and thinner and short clothes show these items.

What to do

It’s not because their legs are long or thin you will no longer see them. The short, for example, must be in the middle of the thigh and preferably more 62 in the leg. This is the illusion of a chubby leg. The skirt must also be the same length, in the middle of the thigh if you want to use it.

  1. Long legs: some women have longer legs than the trunk, getting a little out of proportion.

To harmonize, use a pair of pants, for example, of low-rise, with the top-piece as far as begins to pant.Longer blouses with boots is great for dressing up the long legs. Create a look with more larguinhas, such as tailoring or pantaloons (if you like), are great options for women with this biotype.

  1. Printed and long clothes: long dresses and jumpsuits printed are super stylish and beautiful for the tall, thin woman, as well as add a volume, leaves the body. In this case, a 62 overall, it may even be one color, because it leaves the body more full also. The horizontal stripes are also excellent to add volume.
  1. Finally: you should create a look that harmonize your body, without stretch further or leave him thinner, must seek a balance. So avoid too tights, especially if this is of one color or stripes vertically.