Looks for Day to Day at Work, Simple, Young, Cheap

In our day to day what we value most in relation to clothing is comfort, and need not necessarily be following a trend because with a more comfortable clothes feel more comfortable and willing to enjoy and fulfill our daily obligations. But who said that you cannot dress comfortable and stylish? We unite business with pleasure and put together a look perfect and super comfortable without alot of work for the day-to-day. According to the environments we attend in our day-to-day, we can build outfits that are stylish and comfortable enough so that your day is enjoyable.

Comfort is key to having a less stressful day, bet on shirts or t-shirts are perfect, enjoy and innovate in the print you can apply a little of your personality in choosing the pattern, for example: if you like games, a picture of a character or element of the game, if you like movies and series the same, some prints are beautiful, super stylish and with a special touch yours if you prefer you can also choose a floral or ethnic pattern are fashionable and are gorgeous, bet on combinations with our beloved jeans short, they are wonderful and comfort is one of its greatest strengths. It is a perfect look for those who do not have a very busy day and does not leave much room but want to be fashionable even sitting in front of a computer.

For those who work, my tip is to bet on lightweight fabrics are super comfortable to bear the brunt of the work, opt for a blouse noble fabric and tailoring pants combined with a medium heel together they fall very well and gets a look great for desktop if you prefer you can replace the trousers for a skirt, they are also very comfortable and stylish.

The dresses are perfect for that walk, to use in college or even to go there in the bakery, you can bet on printed dresses to wear during the day these are are great and cheerful, floral then look good hipsters, and are trend winter 2016, so you can already go uniting comfort style.

When choosing the ideal shoe is to be a shoe with low heels or without. To use at work medium heels and sneakers are perfect for the environment and will not bother you with small undesirable calinhos, for the other activities that do not require a more formal look and not much effort you can opt for low sandals or boots, depending on your look they can give a different and modern touch.