Looks for Women with Rectangular Body

Girls, glad tidings! According to researchers of trends, the rectangular body is the body format is most popular in the world!

Models, actresses, celebrities in general, they all have the waist line, which is the largest feature of the so-called “rectangular body”.

That’s wonderful, because you basically, plus very well accompanied in the cause, has almost no “challenges” to make it in fashion: everything wears well, with only a few details are easy to fix.

Talking again about geometry, the only detail to be observed and optimized for the waist line is fairly straight from waist!

Look for Woman with Waist Line

For those with straight belt, the main tip is create volumes above and below the waist. For this, it is not enough to just adopt the belt as his best friend’s life. Need to know a few key pieces to compose a good look and celebrate this body so versatile.

Anyway, keep in mind that nothing is to be disguised as if it were a mistake or imperfection. Who haswaist line can play with styles with greater ease, experiencing everything and separating what you really like.

Volume to Balance the Look

Let’s start with the obvious: the waist. Basically, as you can imagine, define the waist is beginning to understand where we will apply volume. If your interest is to build a silhouette kind “hourglass”, know that a good bra will make the difference in the look. Add volume in the lower part of the body is also part of this balance in the look.

For those with straight belt, there are three options for creating volume at the look:

  1. Volume in the upper part of the body, that is, with tops, blouses, shirts, etc;
  2. Volume in the lower part of the body, with skirts, pants, shorts, etc;
  3. Waistsharing volume on both sides of the body.

If you choose by volume at the top, choose a clothes drier at the bottom.

Not necessarily the blouses must have volume, you can add a blazer or working parts layers on top to create this illusion.

Following the same line of reasoning, if you choose volume at the bottom, a top more prissy- race, fit type shirt, shirt -gives the balance the look. Pants or shorts, a clochard style layered skirts or pleated, are the options for those who prefer to give emphasis to the bottom.

Who chose to balance the volume in two parts of the body at the same time will have on dresses an excellent ally. The so-called envelope dresses, or wrapped dress, are great for this purpose.

Remembering that what will set the figure here is the waist, then she needs to be checked.

There is also the option of extra leave figure loose without volumes and not waist. Is a silhouette that is very reminiscent of the 1920 season, where who had straight waist was a model to be copied and desired. In this case, loose parts and straight, like pants and shorts with the waistband at the hips, are the most suitable.

A detail that little noted, regardless of bodytype, is the collar, shirts or dresses. For those with straight belt, part of that body shape comes from the trunk and, thus, the collar can influence directly on the look. Once again, luckily I have this bodytype, almost all collars work.

Note only the type of log you have and the length of his neck: who has little chest and long neck can use almost all the collars – v-neck, U collar, collar jewel, mandarin collar, turtleneck. Who already has a short neck and a little more bust, can use canoe collar, collar heart (which helps in the neckline), and the neckline envelope.

All of this generates a harmonic set and, for those who want to disguise the figure, creates various points of interest, without drawing attention to the waist.

If you have a straight waist, that good! You won’t have difficulties in organizing your style, you will find various inspirations and gradually will build an understanding of what types of clothes dress better.