Looks to Chubs

In her closet only have black clothes and larguinha? He is tired of just wearing clothes old from? It’s time to check out the looks to plump and stay in fashion with style!

Looks to Chubby

When it comes to looks for chubby everyone thinks is allowed only comfortable clothes, big and ugly. Not so!

Can you stay fashionable and beautiful, wearing more than 36 and still continue with all its curves in place ever!

The central element to compose the looks for chubby is in appreciation of his own body, any part is permitted.

Colored Pieces

Yellow, pink, blue, green, orange, red, in short, all colors are allowed in looks to chubby, not only the little black dress. The master trick is the use of jokers parts.

Abuse of blouses and V-neckline dresses. Skirts and shorts high waist are also allowed! Close the lookwith a blazer or cardigan black.

If you want to bet on the color, but do not dare to buy clothes colorful, use colorful scarves that besides draw attention to your face, also value your body.


The skirts are not unique pieces of wardrobe of models! Women may abuse the pencil skirts and straight in looks to plump.

For any piece look good on your silhouette, bet on long skirts, knee-length!

Leave aside the skirts with many frills, they may provide an undesirable volume.

Check out some plus size fashion tips.


The dresses are a very feminine and ideal option to compose looks for chubby. Nothing too loose cloth and formless!

To enhance your body choose dresses that mark the waist. The tubes should not be forgotten. Choose adress little tube of fabric and structured.

If you do not feel good with short dresses, bet on long bandaging.


Any model shorts is ideal to compose looks for chubby. No matter the size, color or type! All tissue is welcome since it enhances your body.

Abuse of lengths. Everything is permitted up to the knees or above the knees. The important thing is to feel good about your body.

Not to leave the marked butt, choose shorts with big pockets.

firm fabrics also help to enhance your curves.

Pants Skinny Jeans

The skinny jeans are not just for the skinny! Despite being agarradinha, you can use and abuse these pants to compose looks for chubby .

Choose more upright models and covering the butt.

To create a different look, abuse of high heels. colored shoes help give color to look!

Long Blouse

The blouses long are great to give an elongated body. Ideal to compose looks to plump for wider hips.

Choose the prints to give a modern touch to your look.

Solid colors are also welcome, but try to escape using only basic little black or white boy!


The golden rule to compose looks for chubby is in choosing the right accessories.

To enhance your face, choose earrings and colorful scarves. To refine the silhouette, opt for long necklaces.

In looks to plump the belts are welcome. Use them to finish off the look, especially when wearing dressesor skirts .

To give the finishing touch to your look and close with a golden key, choose medium – sized bags to large, so they will follow your silhouette without devalue it.