Looks Women’s Essentials for Winter and Summer

Mounting looks basic can be easy for you, but not for many. Some say that simply do not understand how so many people get to combine play with play and is cool. Women feel desperate to open the closet and find so many options but are not happy with the choices to leave home. For the most complete, good tips can help.

Tips Basic Looks Fashionable Sports

What your wardrobe you can compose a basic look? With everything and nothing at the same time. All that is there is to compose your new look, but not everything is cool. Not to miss some suggestions:

Shorts with tank tops – with shorts, either jeans or fabric, the tank top always goes well. If you are going for a casual place, combine with tennis, Sapatênis or flat shoes. The short does not match high heels unless used with nobler shirts or blouses social.

Jeans with band shirt – part of looks basic sport, casual and young. If you have a favorite band, a t-shirt with message or playful design, the best option is to wear unerringly with jeans. With short also falls well, forgetting wingtips.

Transparent blouse with short skirt – pausing to feminices, the skirt always goes down well. And denim skirt is the basic part of the basic to have in the closet, never allow error in your choice. The tip is to wear the skirt with flat sandals with straps and some works that underscore femininity.

Tips Basic Looks for Work

Social pants and sleeve shirt – it will have meeting or not, the boss will give circulated in the company or you will just have a chat with clients, you look beautiful for any occasion. Social silk blouses are trend and always dress well. With them, you cannot go wrong. If the pants are smooth, invest in prints to change the look, like stripes if well with balance, or small flowers for those who want to innovate in the visual without exaggeration.

Social pencil skirt and long-sleeved blouse – with or without talier, is another one of those infallible looks for any occasion and is beautiful! Opt for further variations, such as ¾ sleeve or long sleeve not always wear the same thing. The length of the skirt to be the knee or slightly above it.

Tips Basic Looks for a Party

Jeans and blouse with glitter – you want to be basic to go from a bar to a nightclub? This is the perfect combination. The blouse with glitter, sequins the type or application breaks the seriousness and makes it clear that the jeans are there in the party sense and not sport. High heels or sandals with applications in gloss and you’re ready to party.

Short jeans and colorful shirt – for those who will enjoy a ballad by the sea or a nightclub, this summer basic look falls nicely. For the black light of a club, be sure to use neon shirt and white shorts to highlight.