Matching Dress Shirt with Tie

The right choice of shirt and tie is key to creating the most beautiful and compatible wardrobe. Here are several options implication of good combinations. You can find photo at

  • 1. Tie must be darker than the shirt – it indisputably praviloshte help you make a good ensemble and will insure you of errors. Just remember that in a moment of doubt when certain combinations you seem irrelevant.
  • 2. This magnificent balanced combination looks good in the company of a dark suit or jeans.
  • 3. Tie Plaid is necessary item in your wardrobe. Image is an informal combination that will stay with spectacular sweater with V-neck and jeans.
  • 4. Not be afraid to try this option, your tie is darker than the shirt. You can wear this combined with navy blue blazer and gray suit.
  • 5. Try pale gray shirt, it’s neotralen color tie box stand out much.
  • 6. Not all of them like a collar with rounded corners, but classic shirt retail box looks excellent. Tie a slanted stripes will harmonize well.
  • 7. This Elegant plaid shirt will stand still better to tie the dots. This well will look in monochromatic outfit, maybe a sports jacket.
  • 8. Bright color is not for everyone, but if your choice is the case, try to combine it with plain dark tiein the company of a dark suit, such a choice would hit the mark.
  • 9. Shirts squares in our time, not impress as much as before, but this model Dunhill acute yakya and French cuffs look very spectacular tie small white dots. This combination can be worn with dark blue or gray suit.
  • 10. Release collar, loosen his tie and roll up your sleeves. Playful, informal combination with dark jeans and sports shoes, create a wonderful mood for the weekend.
  • 11. For young narrow and elongated avant-garde style. It can be combined with sports suits or jeans.
  • 12. Another example: a combination of bright color shirt with plain dark tie. Well looks in bright pink jacket.
  • 13. Tie overshadows the color of the shirt. So one element will dominate, unless you want to look too garish.
  • 14. Many think that this combination looks businesslike work. But if you bring a little confidence and combine it with a solid blue or gray suit will look horrific.
  • 15. Another example: shirt pink with a dark tie. Select the appropriate costume and your success is guaranteed.