Matthew Ames for Weekday: “Prairie” – the Special Denim Collection for the Sweden

Zackboomm, ka-pow: If that even is a collaboration that we subconsciously long have been waiting for. The beloved Swede and tireless news creator weekday enters the latest bonds of matrimony April 4 and cruises to far unerkundeten climes with us: Matthew Ames is Tonangeber of the exclusive collaboration and we are pretty excited considering his talented Handchens: denim, where the eye sees – in its most tender, most probably form, so straight forward and love of detail, so clean and Scandinavian likeness.

And thus Ames once again shows us how exciting pure design can be made in USA. Reduced to the essentials and calm relaxed, soon he engulfs girls and boys in sculpture-same silhouettes and misses denim finally again a new character at affordable prices.

Hardly a material is so changeable, so versatile and so little done to look like denim. The cotton in bluish tone always wants to, can always and should always. In the various strengths, washings, and thanks to wide range of accessories, the beloved denim arises without it also only sometime to strain our taste buds. While the Japanese currently so fully and completely put on raw denim, Matthew Ames focuses on the otherwise so typical Scandinavian minimalism and soft jeans material.

A surprising and quite unknown collaboration candidate of Sweden and won a more than successful liaison. The thing about weekday around round is so slow – Designer, the sporty impact, the romantic line, the high-quality Edition and basics from the in-house creative hotbed.

Graduated from graduated from the school of the Art Institute of Washington D.C.-born designer 2004 of Chicago, following his skills in Antwerp to demonstrate and to gain practical experience. First American he succeeded de la mode et de photographie of à Hyères, the popular festival in France shortly afterwards in the finale of the Festival. But it pulls the designer back in the home, more specifically to New York, where he stomps his own label off the ground in 2005 and has since presented his collections in Paris and New York.