Milan Fashion Week 2016: Day 4

You’ll excuse me if the guide to today is a bit ‘gray but the situation is this. The rain seems to be stronger and out of fashion parades few daredevils, just two photographers. Anything.

The day actually began with a make-up by Mac, a great trick that I matched to a very nice outfit. But the feeling, the whole day was the one that I made ​​pretty at all, because there were few people around, few events and parades where show off everything. Like when you are preparing to leave and then rises unexpectedly: we remain at home without wanting to remove make-up.

Unique fashion show of the day: leitmotif, which always appreciate very much the collections, which tripped a model and you as well. Heels problems or too long dresses do not know but it was unsafe.

The photo “maybe not” the day is recycled, I kept them to give a little ‘color in rainy moments like this and I think there is nothing to add.

As if there were no end to the worst, the homage of the parade leitmotif were the cute enamel.But leafing through the small brochure here is what we find: enamels are men. Yes, the trend that we lacked. The day starts very well.

Fortunately the presentations there are several love affairs. First off the line all in velvet Le Silla.FABULOUS!

Then the sleek and sophisticated sport Callens.

The collection Atos Lombardini, with bomber and tulle, shades of pink and purple and many pieces to mix for a recall to the 80 subtle and apt.

Generally outside the showroom no joy. We Karlie Kloss that we enjoy Milan in the rain in white pants and two-meter leg.

But this little memorable day could become: are out of the house for 40 minutes. Follow updates.