Milan Fashion Week 2016: Fifth Day

Penultimate day and so I choose: eyes on me. I wore a dress to say the least flashy and I admit that it was exciting to be photographed outside the parades. (No, the picture better not)  [Editor’s note: tell us you went and photographed you for your clothing without being seen anything really sadistic of you !!!]

Then Cinderella has returned home to change after noon. The rain was too much and I risked my skirts dunking in puddles. To say the least uncomfortable. To go to boot and coat easy to show the Portuguese Carlos Gil from which I propose this beautiful suit.

Of “no photo” or as I always say “maybe not” the day I have as many as you want! Today protagonists harlequins men. Someone says something!!

Splendid parade Les Copains that struck me also for the lovely location.

It was in fact the theater Piccolo and I think all the locations should be so. Maximum visibility to all and an effect, obviously theatrical.

At the Piccolo..un ​​little guest. Actually not just one, but many children. I was going to scream at the “for me is no” but then I realized that it is Sunday and while the common people go to do the walk or go to Mass, the children of the Milanese high society are brought to fashion shows.

The absurdity of the day: the fashion show in wedding dress. For a catwalk yes?

One thing that always makes me laugh: the man models. I do not know why but their walk and attitude I find them always fun

Finally Au jour le jour for next winter dinvertente and a little ‘teenager with jeans and written jackets, pastel prints and absolutely inspirations 90 years! We worship.

In fact I am writing from a tiny sort of party where a friend dragged me. That tresh complete with Malgioglio. I am tempted to kill her. It avoids because tomorrow is the last day and it may be something worse.