Milan Fashion Week 2016: First Day

The day begins with a little joy: the camera that unexpectedly enters the mini clutch.

Then the mini new clutch will be ruined completely after less than an hour in contact with the new dress that fades. And no we are not all clothes from big brands, but we have the Mary Poppins bag.

Then when I get out of the first parade I suffered one of those cases “also no”: it’s cold in Milan and for me, these are bathing shoes. On top of that is a photographer and then do not even understand the meaning. Let’s move on.

Then it happens in reality that some photographers are the best-dressed “than” in theory “to photograph” . For example her.

Today I watched a lot of them, the photographers of street style. I wonder if you snap at random or really looking for something special, if you seek the strange and just and if you know the people I photograph, or search after the name somehow.

The reality, the scenario is this: out of the parades are more photographers people invited. 200 photographers for 100 calls as a proportion, is never to escape anyone.

Fortunately there are good things, often away from the big parades. My beautiful thing about today was the collection of Julia Marani and the opportunity to know her and the artist with whom he collaborated in creating this beautiful line. Innovation does not necessarily mean overdoing it. Its finesse and innovative class.

Another nice thing? Eleonora Carisi. When I admire a skin bloggers often then when I have to know her, it turns out nice and sociable as I imagined. Anyway, Where’s My Car.

The worst thing of the day:

People who give of ridicule each other. Two sides who scream “clowns and circus”: the protest against fur on one side and invited to the parade the other furs. I personally do not’d wear a real fur ever. But I think this is not the place and the right way to deal with a too sensitive issue.

To conclude the diary of the day in a positive way even though I share with you a small part of the buffet reserved for the press in the Fashion Hub lounge. Here nobody wants to be skeletal how certain models. We agree?