Milan Fashion Week 2016: Sixth Day

Last day of fashion week. He feels that there is no longer the frenzy of the beginning. It’s all more calm and peaceful as the end of a dance recital: now what’s done is done and under the famous staircase curious and street style hunters are very few.

A running are only just hidden behind the curtain of the catwalk models, some are starting to undress for a change of clothes already in the last step.

Today, for the first time, I went into a backstage and I realize that maybe theirs is the hardest work during fashion week. It’s a fabulous job for charity but it also takes a certain character to get used to the situation: all that snap photos and you find yourself put posing even if you were going to run away or had to go to the bathroom.

All taking pictures in disarray, while you’re naked and nothing, all heedless of what, you’re a dummy and just.  The backstage is a total mess but it is also interesting to see the inspirations mood and schematic work with photos of Models (type signs) and look at their assigned.

Have a photo of this tableau is more trendy than the photo of the same show, segnatevelo, in case you happen to get into a backstage. It might mean “I know someone and I came back”, but in fact they enter all.

One thing I will not miss: the file as mail. A parade lasts 5 minutes but between the entry and the exit, though there is fine, it takes at least an hour to get in and sit down. We are witnessing absurd scenes: people with invitations left out (it happened to us with Les Copains on the second day), people who are caught, others who invoke some kind of knowledge, passed off other, more unfortunate, of all ages and 100 different reasons: they all want to go to fashion shows.

One thing I will miss: the shuttle of the room for printing Fashion, which scarrozza there for the city to make us not be late. As I would find one at the exit of the house, with the hostess and her billboard, show my pass and go: get right where I should not take the means.

Emotion of the day and probably the entire week: the parade of Vivetta that reflects my style is romantic and fun, hyper feminine, a dream.

Very nice also that of Angelo Marani and even more great to see the excitement of the designer who takes his applause, almost shy and modest, emotional and sincere despite the years of experience, unlike the way a bit ‘arrogant that they do i younger designers.

nd speaking of young people: disappointment of the day is Piccione.Piccione, beloved talents and emerged from Alta Roma, it proposed a collection very similar to the one that made him popular, boisterous fantasies for my tastes and applications thrown there by chance in very little overall memorable and dare I say u little ‘cheap.

The photo “even no” is a man’s hat to say the least ridiculus.

And a second picture “even just” is the one that you shoot under the logo on the catwalk: enough! and the light there, once the show’s over, it’s also bad. This picture does not make sense.

However, we are destroyed, exit of the last parade seemed the end of a marathon, she hugged and we complimented the efforts. port cities also signs of this grueling that is Fashion Week, signs visible as a grating on which they walked too many bloggers to the photo with the background of skyscrapers.

But in fashion fund it is beautiful, even with its contradictions and its follies. I think romantically in Piazza Gae Aulenti, under the lights of the city, in this square this week I crossed a thousand times with the enthusiasm to go and discover a new collection, a new trend, a new walkway.