Milan Fashion Week: Collections That Will Leave You Speechless

Desire for change? The proposals coming from the Milan Fashion Week, then they definitely for you. Irreverent, unconventional and against the tide, the big names of world famous Italian fashion are renewed in these collections for spring / summer 2016, proposing leaders who remember something of the style dear to the brand, but in a mixture of old and new, classic and modern, haute couture and pop culture, is surprising. But look more closely at what has paraded on the catwalk.


Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini have decided to give life to a woman “double”, which on the one hand it allows the sweetness with chiffon dresses, on the other hand makes it clear his aggressive side with jackets woven mink.

Alberta Ferretti

Almost like being in a desert. Chiffon, fringed, warm, neutral colors (sand, beige, orange) along with put together with a lace patchwork game, graphic prints and embroidery.

Fausto Puglisi

The inspiration is half the ancient Greece and the other half of the ’50s Hollywood stardom. A unique paradox that is realized in sculptures placed on the clothes or shiny jersey shirts. The typical lines of this designer are: to A lines, baroque and highly machined details paired with cowboy boots.


One word to describe this Alessandro Michele collection? Anarchy. The goal is to bring out a woman who is not subject to the conventions and therefore do not intend to match the garments to accessories, creating a fashion that can not be defined as “wrong”, but definitely against.

pink tie and bra with sequins, dress up as a student and goggles nerd, tropical birds printed on several heads and studs to decorate your shoes, all framed in late-eighteenth-century inspiration.


The inspiration of the brand is definitely a “post classic” that mixes different styles. The main reasons are found in the dresses are vertical lines – both in the clothes that the accessories – the line of the shoulders of jackets that tends downward and earrings in the shape of strobe spherical ball. All also it picked up by the footwear, which are often at the tip of the metal balls.


Jeremy Scott is the magician of street style, the pop and a fast fashion style that, thanks to him, has become extremely glamorous and it became part of haute couture. The theme of this spring collection is a road construction site (the guests were in fact distributed a protective helmet as part of the call).

They are followed suit bon ton tweed, reflectors bands, hats depicting the brushes of the car wash … makes its debut also the capsule collection with unisex bags in the shape of street signs, clothes that read “shop” instead of “stop” clothes and cover iPhone to spray cleaner, the shape will be echoed by outgoing scent to October, “Fresh”.

Dolce and Gabbana

If fashion is social, the last show D & G is its full representation: the models, dressed in the style of the Italian fashion house – a style that draws heavily on that of the Sicilian tradition of Made in Italy – parade on the catwalk stopping and making selfies with the public. The collection is titled “Italy is Love” and is a tribute to the peninsula monuments and unique locations such as Portofino or Capri, which are played on dresses, skirts and shirts.