Milan Fashion Week: Here are the Trends

It ended the Fashion Week in Milan and like every year it is time to take stock of the situation on the trends for next season. I must say that if it were not for coats and fur really thought I would be present at the fashion shows of the summer collections because the first thing that jumped to the eyes in almost every parade was only one: the color!

Definitely the most colorful parades were those of Au Jour le Jour, Moschino and Msgm who proposed entire collections played on mixed colors together so extravagant, but very effective.
Personally I loved the great use of yellow and pink, colors that have dominated the collections of all the designers from jackets, clothes, skirts, accessories.

Even Dolce & Gabbana this year came out a little ‘from usual White, Black and Red launching into a collection dedicated to Moms really beautiful and rich colored fabrics. My favorites? What you see in the picture below and in particular the long green bottle fur!


As for outerwear, but in general all the clothes for the upcoming A / I must say that there was the return of another trend: fur.
There was practically only one fashion show in which, true or pretend to be, the fur was not present. Personally I do not like or recommend the real furs, but fake wear them always happy and can not wait to play around a indossandone of all possible colors, like those of Fendi, Marani and Au Jour Le Jour!

Also in the collection “Sensual Pop” of Hogan edited by Simon Holloway is no shortage leather jackets, shearling and roccoon Finnish colors for next winter cult: gray, military green and black.
Inevitable here too the details that make the fur leaders even more unique and real “must have” for the coming months.


If with this article all colors and fur I have a bit ‘I scared those of you who can not wait to come back for the winter launch of blacks leaders, beige, gray and basically dark, know that in reality the proposals in this regard are been many.

Fendi has presented a collection played on sandy and dusty colors such as dark red, orange, purple, magenta, beige and black that mixes well with everything.

Marco de Vincenzo Marni and instead have focused so much on the gray, absolutely current color for next season, while Sport Max and Trussardi have focused more on the beige, also often alternated with the gray!