Milan Fashion Week: the Truth About the Street-Style

“Aware of the responsibility that I take with my deposition, I swear to tell the whole truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth and not to conceal anything that is in my knowledge”

The Milan Fashion Week is about to start (February 19 to 24) with the presentation of the collections F / W 2014-2015, we will march on the runways and in the streets of Milan now enjoyed by the arrival of the “Circus” host twice ‘ year in the city.
Wonderful shows of the big fashion Maison will give us dreams, poetry, frenzy and so much anxiety but there will also be other, the “big” phenomena of the Circus, whose interest will not be excited by the parade, it will not be the curiosity of discover new trends, figure out where they were born and what inspired them, they affect to be photographed, to be posted in the photo galleries of some street-style photographer with the caption of-FASHION BLOGGER. It does not matter if you come to the shows without being able to see anything, if you have one standing behind fifty heads of other standing, they were there and that’s what counts.


I’ve seen people with sandals and summer dresses while it was winter and it was snowing, I’ve seen people with wool sweaters and sheath dresses in cashmere while it was summer and made ​​25 degrees. I’ve seen people with atrocious heels with feathers applications in mo ‘broom are the envy of all the garbage of the city. I’ve seen people with Nikon and Canon in the shoulder that is not photographed but themselves to be photographed, I saw people greeting and using slogans without knowing who was who. “LOVE”!
I saw people dressed as a peasant woman with clutch bag in hand, I have seen people shake their skirts on the sidewalks of Milan even had Marilyn Monroe in “The Seven Year Itch.” I saw people arriving by bicycle indifferently as if they were going to pick daisies when their intent was to collect clicks. I saw people arriving with dogs and with their children (between) dressed like them, used as an accessory to show off to attract the attention of photographers. I’ve seen people with a grudge because that fan models (but you’re not a model and the road is not a catwalk). I’ve seen people stay fixed for 10 minutes on one point even had seen the Virgin Mary… (Oh no, he was a photographer!), I’ve seen people do a thousand coaxing pretending to watch their smartphone with the hope of receiving a photo. I have seen people show up uninvited waiting for the arrival of a friend fashion more “famous” bloggers to gain entry, driven by an insane sense of presezialismo, but I’ve also seen people who have been able to give elegance and taste and a smile before the shots of the photographers.

I saw and I shall see all this from behind the scenes, backstage at fashion shows, working where everything takes shape, where everything begins and where the fashion is born that infects all the street-style.
I’d rather stay in and behind and remember who our fashion show I really want to see and you do not want to just “do” that exists streaming.