Mini cirkus

Mini cirkus
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The circus is excitement, experiences, partying and all this you will find in the collection from Mini Circus. The company was founded in 2012 with the aimthat everyone should be able to purchase quality childrens clothing with funprints and colors for a good price. Here at you will find everythingthis exciting children’s clothing for your dear poder from the age of 1 5 years. You will find beautiful bodystockings, one-piece, blouses, Tshirts, pants, and dresses all in great prints and happy colours. The whole collectionfrom Mini Circus is organic, and which is not used any kind of dangerous toxins,making it extra attractive to buy the vehicle. You will find a large selection of super smart children’s clothing for the little ones, and nothing is easierthan to shop here at You get a good service and fast delivery and freeshipping and 30-day money back guarantee *. Customer service is there to help you if you are unsure about anything, please contact them at last. You canalways track your item via track & trace, if you so wish. One order at a2zgov.comis a booking, you will never regret.


Mini Circus  ecology, with a vengeance


Nothing is more precious than our children, and therefore they must also havethe best of the best. Organic clothing that is so smart and exciting, that wewill be in a good mood by looking at it at the same time it must of course be convenient., easy to wash, have a lot of fancy features and, last but not least,it should be easy to take on and off. At you will find a greatselection of delicious children’s clothes from Mini Circus at highly competitiveprices. Mini Circus  founder is Sacha Aagaard, who for several years has workedas a graphic artist and print designer of children’s wear industry. SachaAagaard found on the name Mini Circus during a holiday in France. The familycame by a small family circus in the countryside, which was full of rich colorsand especially a lot of happy children. Sacha fell head over heels for the smallcircus, and it gave her the inspiration for the name Mini Circus. Look forwardto seeing your children in the vehicle.


Mini Circus  as well as to go to the circus


A circus is characterized by joy, colors and fun, and it reflects in hischildren’s vehicleSascha collection. Organic cotton and clothing without anydangerous poisons, such is the vehicle from Mini Circus. All the clothes are of the highest quality that is thought about the environment, and all products aretested and approved by the international Oeko-tex Association. Quality is 92%cotton, 8% elastane a mixture which makes the clothes soft and delicious. Enjoy watching the youngest in a snug and delicious bodystocking with long sleeves ineither pink or brown. Little girl will look adorable in a pink dress withflamingodesign or a pair of pants in purple. The clothes are easy to combine,and the kids will love the great prints and the glorious colours. Buy only the best of the best for your children, namely Mini Circus from
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