Mischa Barton Cellulite

More than surprised have left me these images. When I saw them I said ‘ this is what I have to tell readers of ” Jezebel”. And here I am asking for your opinions and comments in this regard. I tell you: as you can see the main character is Mischa Barton and its spectacular and awful cellulite. The pictures were taken in Australia while Barton enjoyed their holidays.

The actress says that images there are photoshop but for evil, that is, though she says not having this colorful celutitis and have given so to hurt. Their representative says that a girl with just 22 years will have those mules and the rear, and at this point that I give the reason because it is strange that a young girl has much cellulite don’t believe?

The representative requested that these photos compare with a few taken a week earlier on the beach in Los Angeles, and says that “it is impossible to develop all that cellulite in a couple of weeks”. That Yes, as it’s true, this girl needs an operation and many creams.

But my doubts are always me what do you think? will be true or false cellulite.