Naomi Campbell for The Black Issue in Vogue Italy

Vogue Italy always tries to innovate in a way that other siblings do. They started with lots of color when they decided to dedicate a whole number that appeared only ebony skin models among its pages. Had already counted them at Jezebel about the controversial comments of Naomi Campbell.

And apparently their ECHO has been so strong as to give an entire editorial in the July issue of the Italian version of Vogue. Performed by Steven Meisel, the Publisher receives the name of “There’s only one Naomi” and give thanks that so because with the fame of bad temper and his problems with the law I can’t imagine as temblaría staff of British Airways If there were more than one.

Luckily, indeed there is only one and is enough to show us a beauty that has become better with age. And a few provocative outfits ranging from lingerie corset to a simple pair of panties, going through a beautiful gradient dress, boots above knee with flowers in the heel and trousers from Yves Saint Laurent with which the model appears in the new campaign of the French firm.

A Black Issue full of Naomi.