Neville Jacobs Is the New, Animal Fashion Star

Karl Lagerfeld (82) has his dog Neville Luxumieze Choupette, Marc Jacobs (52). The Bull Terrier of his rival slowly but surely runs ranked as a favorite pet of the fashion world with a paste charity action.

Who is the coolest soft toy of the fashion world? Neville, the Bull Terrier from Marc Jacobs, has pretty good chances on this title. The Matt has not only an Own Instagram account with over 178,000 followers – recently he is doing too good. In contrast to Karl Lagerfeld’s luxury spoiled favorite Kitty Choupette, Neville helps other dogs in need of a new charity project.

Neville Jacobs has been as a model for the New York bookshop Bookmarc worked on Instagram he shares periodically snapshots from his life as a celebrity dog.

Marc Jacobs x SATO project
The Sato Project is a charity that rescues neglected street dogs in Costa Rica. Just in time for Christmas, Marc Jacobs has decided to support the organization. Net income from a specially designed T-Shirt goes straight to the dogs in need. Neville Meanwhile assumes the PR for his master – he is the star of a promo clip of the designer is now shared on YouTube.

“That’s Neville Jacobs. Today, he goes to the airport. He will welcome dogs that were rescued from the SATO project in Costa Rica”, it says in the video to the Declaration. And indeed: a leisurely drive Neville greeted a group of frightened new arrivals at the airport with the tail wedelnd. The dogs that arrive in America, are taken directly from their new owners receive. “These dogs in a safe and loving home coming for the first time.”