Nicola Formichetti Is New “Artistic Director” Diesel!

This message be missed on any online media today: Nicola Formichetti is new “artistic director” diesel! And that means as much as: Formichetti takes the post of CNO Chief and specifies in the somewhat eingenickten fashion house from the sound immediately.

Whether Renzo Rosso, patron and founder of diesel, great in the design documentation check will be, remains to be seen. Formichettis area are primarily: product, communication and interior design. The new and old Mugler Creative Chief could however provide for the necessary dose of hullabaloo, announce from now on each action with a loud drum roll and the necessary portion breathe freshness the label somewhat in the years – as he did just once at Mugler.

This he triggered even then no insane cheering cries through his creative power within its collections, but rather left to celebrate through its PR coups and marketing stunts, and brought, thanks to Lady Gaga, Mugler as of today tomorrow again all after above on the pole position of the news agenda.

“I found finally someone who is as crazy as I am”, says Renzo Rosso, founder of diesel. “Nicola shares my vision and I find it incredibly inspiring to work with him: two creative planets collide to create new, crazy, crazy ideas.” With his help I will break more rules and wear the true diesel in a new generation.”

“Press refresh” and “reboot” belongs, however, to Formichettis slogans and we’re exceedingly curious, what has it exactly on itself. The first action is in any case already in the starting blocks: Formichetti wants to “the young, creative people” mobilize and “are part of this process” let.

What does it mean?

The new “artistic director” starts with DIESEL reboot and will enable the so far non-existent community. The whole thing happened where exactly? Right on our site and will soon live and to join intended. Well, we keep this time carefully in mind.