Not Tea Resist: The Footh

Already we have been announcing it for some time: If you want to be the most and go to the latest trends, a central button denim miniskirt should not be missing in your wardrobe. Perhaps Alexa Chung for AG Jeans collection has caused a stir, Perhaps the return of the 1970s or a general set that make this garment boasts of a success like no other.

And see how it is better to explain it, here are several examples (by bloggers) that prove that this garment is cool and versatile. No matter what your taste, your style or your intentions, this skirt has come to accompany you during all your journeys.

The expert in the field

If there is an expert in this field it is Pandora Sykes. And several models who does not hesitate to combine different ways and style have in her wardrobe. Longer, with tacks or mini version, these models arise in woven denim and the keys Central.

From shirts to sweaters, each of her looks wears boots, booties, and lounges. Which option is the most successful? That depends on the taste of each…