“Organic by John Patrick” – Green Fashion from New York City!

Now even hand on heart: most of us would certainly like to wrap in ethical clothes, the inner pig dog is doing a spanner in the us again and again. Many labels who rely on green fashion, this strange muffin simply get rid, but the biggest problem: we have no idea where we should look at all for them (here we lost a few words about this issue already). Because changing the consciousness but piece by piece and the society begins to understand slowly, that mass consumption of “throw-away fashion” may be right, Let’s rethink our buying behavior. Since then applies: Dear a favorite piece than 10 headless purchases. This works so far of course limited, but self-reflection is an important first step.

All the more important to prove us and you, that “green fashion” can look quite fantastic. Today it has us so the upcoming collection of “organic by John Patrick” done to.

Oranic by John Patrick is a fashion label based in the United States, more New York, by the eponymous designer John Patrick. Monsieur cares not only about the appearance of his creations, but also the mode of production of the pieces and the origin of the corresponding materials. Where many fashion designers like to mention, the full charge is offered us in this case transparency: thanks to the sourcemap we know therefore exactly that the certified organic cotton is native to Peru, in Red Hook, and Albany is prepared and processed, all other materials come from Canton (near Boston) and at the end, all in New York City together sewn and knitted. Prices between 70 and 300 euro seem to us so more appropriate than ever.

After a quick look on style.com and Kalinka Kalinka we also know where the inspiration for the belly free outfits, pencil skirts, oversized sweaters and Ensemble: everything revolves around the New York „ Mudd Club era “ and the East Village, it girls Patti Astor and Anya Phillips, almost in oblivion.  Musically considered the whole could not be better we like: Heroes of the genre are, for example, talking heads or Brian Eno.

Still the current Spring collection in the online shop is currently available.