Our Site

Shopgirl of the mop across the Channel to Paris and very talented Alber Elbaz, consider all the fantastic collections Our site … Symbol of London cool, favorite place of all fashion bitten, excellence and diversity of products … In terms of ready-made womenswear, the Our site brand is the only one that managed to gather under one label a sharp and affordable offer.

It was time that we make a small dot on the famous our site. Indeed, all wonder and do not include the London brand does not yet installed in France. We talk about real problems, Our site would not have found the ideal location for one of its stores in the capital. Positive: they think it.

So we can expect in the future more or less near to rob their stock of high-waisted pants and micro dresses Emma Cook blouse, bypassing the Colette or Eurostar box. The Our site brand is yet sold permanently in the top ten fashion temples …

The “10 corso como” Milan through selective displays of Barney’s New York, buyers are not misled it: our site products sell extremely well. So why, why Galeries Lafayette and Bon Marché are not put there? Why do we benefit a few sparingly crumbs that the concept store of the rue Saint Honoré  ? Mystery…

To maintain the desire of French p’tites perhaps? If this is the case, it will tell them that it is no longer worth: we are already crazy about anything that is labeled “our site” … Full of vice, it is impossible to order on the website and to be delivered in France.

Why such enthusiasm for what is ultimately a chain of ready-to-wear? It’s just that the English have reinvented the genre. They managed to rhyme hype attitude and supermarkets. And if the Swedes and Spaniards are already on the niche, our site is not far from leaving them in the lurch. Created in 1965 in the north of England, our site has gradually made a place in the world of ready-to-wear.

Our site in numbers:

  • Our site London in terms of the biggest shop in the world dedicated to ready-to-wear area.
  • 4 storeys on Oxford Circus dedicated to trendiness along its latitude. Themed spaces to satisfy all those who are fans of the brand, moms, small, large and vintage crazy.
  • 200,000 clients a day.
  • More than 300 stores in England alone.
  • More than a dozen shops, Santiago Singapore, which are always full.
  • Client from the very best: Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Over € 150 million profit in 2005, while it was in England, a black year level textile sale.
  • 300 new pieces that invest displays every week and are not renewed history to arouse desire.


So wherein lies the blazing success of this brand? It all started in 1985 when Jane Shepherdson, then director of our site, decides to give a new impetus to his company. The days our site was selling cheap and low end, just right to satisfy idle teenagers. Mrs Shepherdson wants our site became a stronghold in the fashion world, a place at the forefront of the trend.

And for this it employs the mass media: it goes up a team of 16 designers whose mission is to go sniff the air at the four corners of the planet fashion, flea Saint-Ouen the trendy neighborhood of Tokyo, in through the after-new York. The goal is to feed on street trends to interpret, not simply refuse what is happening on the catwalks.

To push the concept to the end, our site began in 2001 with the creation, with its “unique” line. In 2005, our site collections parade during the week of ready to wear London… The tone is set: it will be innovation, the vanguard and not the copy will prevail british side. Therefore, the brand homing squat forefront of year end shows the Saint Martin School to entice young talent. Sophia Kokosalaki including our site began…

Our site does not practice mass production, the parts are produced in limited numbers and are not renewed. Recently, the supply of our site has expanded by including in its target women in their forties. Collections with elaborate cuts and VIP services intended for them. And moms now find their happiness in a space dedicated to them.

If the sign is only spending very little money in advertising, it relies heavily on its prestigious collaborations. Emma Cook and Preen, in parallel with their own label, regularly draw special collections for our site. The latest? Kate Moss who was hired as a stylist and will produce two collections a year. The goal is to focus attention on our site, maintain client alert, arouse desire and prevent your desires.

A good dose of innovation, a well-oiled marketing strategy, retail designer to scale , an offer that despite being not affordable brade quality, absolution of all the beautiful people … trendy recipe success?