Everyday Living Basics Sweatshirt
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Everyday Living Basics Sweatshirt

Once it comes to fashion, women know before shopping often about what they need. Here are products of very high quality product with refined forms the most important thing. Especially in women’s fashion Sweats Basics these properties are important. On baur.de employees have years of experience with the desires of style-conscious customers and offer women […]

DIY Children's Backpacks

DIY Children’s Backpacks

Children’s backpacks decorated here is DIY ideas! Decorate and personalize the backpacks for kids is a fun and creative way to give a unique and personal touch to your child’s school supplies. Therefore, decorating a folder or a backpack with do it yourself we can make happy our children and ensure that these accessories are more […]

Different Types of Heels
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Different Types of Heels

What type of heel? This is a question many people are asking, and some have even come to no longer the daring heels for … Blame it on some “female pope of fashion” who pose for our taste too banned the round. It does not necessarily have to wear thick heels when one is round, […]

12 Tips on How to Rock in the Jeans in Jeans Looks
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12 Tips on How to Rock in the “Jeans in Jeans” Looks

How to use a whole outfit of jeans and still stay chic and elegant? Yes, you can. And contrary to popular belief, wearing two pieces in the jeans can be stylish. It was a major flaw in the past, but now it is the trend of the time, with several famous designers and celebrity embracing the new trend. Try […]

Vintage Men's Suits
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Vintage Mens Suits for Sale

What may lack in the wardrobe of a fashion-conscious man in any case? Suits of course. In the blink of an eye they give the right look, friends no matter if for the next family party or an important business meeting. So you can create chic combined with white shirts and matching hat to, for […]

Men's Trekking Pants
Men’s Clothing

Men’s Plus Size Hiking Pants

The hard-wearing men’s trekking pants are very comfortable and convince with high functionality and excellent wearing comfort. They offer you great freedom of movement and keep you warm in cooler temperatures. Among the trekking pants for men that are available in the 3XL store, there are shorts, 3/4 pants and long pants. Among them there […]

Fashion for Plus Size Women
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Plus Size Fashion Days

“We love diversity-# Ready For diversity is and will remain a major concern of Plus Size Fashion Days”. There were great days (16./17.10.2015) in Hamburg, which Tanja Marfo has loaded. Here, everything revolved around Size Fashion to beautiful Plus Size Ladies and issues like self-esteem and self-love. On Friday we went to the “Curves and Confidence Workshop Day” […]

Stillettos for Women
Vintage Women's Shoes

Retro Women’s Shoes

Shoes and girls are one of the things that just go together! Shoe obsession is to find among the vast majority of the fashion interested women, and this means in most cases, this refers to a bulging shoe closet. Girls love to buy shoes, because they give an outfit last finishing touch. And we have, […]

Wash New Jeans
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How to Maintain New Jeans

Introduction The jeans has a leader who appeals to many. Versatile, convenient and always trendy, it is definitely a garment that lacks neither in the closet of a man nor that of a woman. And to think that its origins are Italian, namely Genoa, in fact Jean wants to say just blue of Genoa. So how do you keep new jeans without losing […]

How to Know My Bra Size
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How to Know My Bra Size

Many women are unaware of their true bra size and wear inappropriate underwear. Yet, it is essential to choose her bra to feel good in his shoes! Here are some tips to know your exact size and choose the BRA you need. First of all, please have a Ribbon-meter. Your bra size is defined by two elements: width […]