Paris at All Costs: The Adventure of an It Girl (In a Film)

This week comes to the big screen a film related to fashion. A very funny French comedy that goes on the adventure of a girl, paper interpreted it by Reem Kherici, who is also the Director.

I tell you that… Maya (Reem Kherici), of Moroccan origin, lives in Paris for 20 years. It is a fashion it girl. In full rise, is poised to get its first fixed contract as a stylist in the House of Haute Couture he works. But a routine police control where he discovered that his residence permit has expired sends it in less than 24 hours directly to Morocco. Back to the country and the family who wanted to forget. Clash of cultures, prejudice, Maya shock will do anything to return. When the future of a trendy Paris becomes the horror of an immigrant without papers.

the idea of this production came two years ago when they invite the actress for a film festival in Tunisia. “I remember have gone there way actress, with all the trappings of the typical Parisian fashion with its Louis Vuitton suitcase…”

Festivals, postureo, outfits, signatures, and a love story… a perfect combination to spend a pleasant and fun, while no doubt, with the company of your friends.

Here I leave the trailer: