Paris Fashion Week: The New Fashion Trends

It ends at this very hour the fashion week in Paris and, in general, the month dedicated to fashion crowds that from New York to Paris told all the nuances and trends of what will be next spring-summer.

Chanel Airlines

The parade certainly more talk has been to Chanel: an airport purpose-built by Karl Lagerfeld in the Grand Palais for a “Chanel Airlines’ collection, as well as being viral become in a few seconds on Instagram, ruled the roost as usual regarding trends for next spring and summer. colored suit, scarf clothes, capottini ice color, complete in fuchsia pvc, dresses with chiffon and sparkling details in sequins and lurex for a woman elegant, international and contemporary choosing aviator glasses and trolley matelassè logoed.

Saint Laurent

Irreverent, impudent and angry is, instead, the Saint Laurent collection that celebrates the beauty queens of the night party dressed in glittering slipdress, glittering crowns and lightweight undergarments, mixing everything with stolen garments to street style, the male wardrobe and vintage markets.

Nails in oversize leather, denim jackets, fur coats, blazers and military parkas complete, in fact, all lacy look, lame and satin for a rich look of a real bad girl contrasts with the foot a pair of wellington boots rubber, perfect for survive the nights out.

The woman of Stella McCartney and Celine

He Tailor

In general, the trends of the French capital want a woman wearing clean clothes, linear and with no frills, but with special attention to the structure of dresses, pants and sleeves that next year will again be puffed for a touch of vintage femininity.

Then the suit will be missed replicated in women’s wardrobe insistently for almost all the designers with a single pipe thread: the shoulders are broad, square and geometric, while the length of the sub varies greatly. Bold and sexy are the models proposed by Kenzo and Vivienne Westwood with nearly invisible skirt and bold cuissard sandals and perforated, while Acne Studio and Dries Van Noten link lengths of 7/8 that leave only a few centimeters out of the ankle.

Romanticism McQueen and simplicity of Dior

Finally, a reference to the bohemian romanticism brought to the catwalk by Alexander McQueen through women’s clothes, full of ruffles and tailored details, for a dramatic elegance and sexy just like wants style of the brand. Splendide also proposed forms by Raf Simons in the Dior fashion show full of a natural simplicity and pure with pleated sleeves, flared skirts and embroidered profiles and tails fluttering for a woman almost in lingerie, contemporary, classic and romantic.

The Africa Day

Valentino offers, instead, a collection inspired by Africa for a narrative journey that passes through the wild and tribal beauty, reaching up to a folk and ethnic style. A mix of cultures and traditions that is reported on the clothes and the rich fringed jackets, prints depicting animals of the savannah, necklaces, ebony and beaded embroidery that reflect the typical designs of the Maori tattoos.

A riot of warm colors and sandy tones, complete with black, green, brown and red, for a summer less carefree, but more attentive and sensitive to diversity and other cultures.